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Rover Done Over is Tampa’s Premiere Mobile Pet Spa. Your pet will receive a private one on one grooming experience in one of our fully contained units. Each unit is designed to provide the best grooming experience possible. We eliminate the stress of a traditional, noisy, chaotic grooming shop.

Rover Done Over was founded in 2008 by Gretchen McManus. After working many years in the Publishing industry, she came to realize her hearts desire to work with animals. In 2015, her husband Shean decided to join her in the venture to provide the best possible service to Tampa pet owners, making Rover Done Over a true family business.

Rover Done Over pides itself in hiring only the best of the best! All of our groomers love animals and are hard working, experienced groomers. Every one of our staff is an integral part of our system. We will find the perfect match for you and your pet!


Lead Groomer - Operations Supervisor

Diane is originally from Chicago, where she started grooming at Petco. She’s been grooming for 5 years now and loves everything that has to do with it! She is owned by 3 cats now, and she works so they can have a pampered life! She has worked in a grooming shop for most of her years, but found mobile to be more personal. The one on one grooming experience is the only way to go, and she has fallen in love with mobile! She has always loved animals and is so happy to have found what she loves to do in life.


Libby has been grooming for 25 years. She knew from a very young age that she wanted to work with animals in some way. She started as a bather when she was 19 and quickly learned that she loved grooming, so off to Florida School of Dog Grooming she went! She loves her job and says that she can honestly say that she has never woken up not wanting to go to work! Rover Done Over is the first mobile she has worked for and she likes it much better than a shop because it is just her and the pup!! Even the most nervous pups can relax a little more. No barking of dogs, and no interruptions! All the 4 legged clients brighten her day!


Heather is a colorful individual that loves to create. She’s from a small town in New York. She grew up around animals all her life. She has had pigs, chickens, geese, cows, dogs, and cats! Heather has been a doggy daycare specialist and spent many years learning the behaviors of dogs and how to understand what their behaviors mean. This has made Heather very patient with nervous dogs. She has also been a veterinary assistant and also a groomer since 2004. She likes how the dogs are more comfortable when we get to their home with the mobile truck. She loves dogs, and caring for them.


Kristen is a graduate from the Tampa Bay Area Pet Grooming Academy! She has always worked with animals and has always had a passion for working and loving them. On the side, she is a wildlife rehabilitator, nursing orphaned raccoons, opossums, squirrels, and other wild animals into adulthood before releasing them into animal sanctuaries. She has been a vet assistant, and a kennel worker. Before working for Rover Done Over she owned her own mobile and salon grooming business at the age of 20! She wants nothing more than to spoil and make your dog looking the best they can without the stress! You can be rest assured, your pooch is in great hands with her!


Angela has been grooming for 12 years doing everything from boarding/daycare facilities to working at Petsmart for 9 years. She went to the Bay Area Pet Grooming Academy and enjoys her job with all of the new faces she gets to see. She has worked with lots of rescued pets and is extremely patient. She think the whole grooming process is about trust and routine. She says grooming mobile is definitely less stressful than a salon environment. The pets are more relaxed being at home with no distractions. She has always had a bunch of animals from lizards to dogs, to farm animals. She enjoys the Florida weather as well as the beaches, fishing and the different things to do in this awesome Tampa area.


Nancy is a California Girl! She started out as a bather and as she watched other groomers she found she was very interested and her grooming co-workers told her she was a natural. So she went to Tampa Bay Pet Grooming Academy. She is an avid animal lover of all types and has a dog, a cat, two goats, and chickens! Nancy likes getting to know the doggie clients and making them look good. What she likes about mobile is the quality one on one time with the pets. It is a private groom!! Other interests include hiking, going to concerts, and road trips.


Nancy is a military veteran who relocated to Florida. She has been grooming for 8 years working her way from bather to salon manager. Nancy grew up around a wide range of animals and currently has 2 dogs and a cat. To her, it is all about the dogs having a positive grooming experience. She understands that your pet is a valuable member of your family and strives to help them look and feel wonderful after their groom! She feels very fortunate to be able to go to work each day and do what she loves!

At Rover Done Over we are always looking for experienced groomers that LOVE to work with animals. Click Here to learn more about the benefits of joining our wonderful team!